How is a patient referred to Bolton Hospice?

In order to access the palliative care services provided by Bolton Hospice you must be referred by a medical consultant, GP or nurse through the completion of our referral form. ​​Click here​ to download a referral form.

Gill Rink is a specialty doctor at our outpatient clinic at Bolton Hospice. She explains what services the hospice can offer patients with life-limiting illnesses & advice on how to refer patients. 

Criteria for Specialist Palliative Care Services

These are core criteria for all SPC services. The patient should have advanced progressive life-limiting illness and at least one of the following:

  • Difficult pain and symptom control.
  • Complex psychosocial problems (patient/carer).
  • Need for specialist end of life care and support, which may include bereavement care.
  • Need for specialist help with rehabilitation or adjustment to deteriorating function.
  • Generic (generalist) services are unable to meet the patient/carer needs.

We have a highly skilled team of doctors and nurses who work with other professionals which ensures we deliver a high quality service to meet the individual needs of our patients.

How does the referral process work?

Once we have received your referral your case will be discussed by our team of doctors and nurses on the next working day. If we are able to help you we will arrange for you to receive care from the appropriate hospice service, for many patients this will be an outpatient appointment.

Whichever service is recommended to you, you will have access to the multi-disciplinary team which includes our specialist team of doctors and nurses and a number of other professionals such as social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and chaplains.

Are you in need of Bolton Hospice's services?

If you feel that you need the kind of care we offer then please speak with your GP, medical consultant or nurse, they then may contact us to discuss your case before making a referral.

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