Care at home

Many people who are seriously ill and nearing the end of their lives prefer to be cared for at home surrounded by their family and friends. Our Hospice at Home service works closely with District Nurses, GPs and Macmillan nurses to help make this possible.

The Hospice at Home team

The aim of the team is to take the hospice philosophy into the home environment. The service consists of a core team of nurses who are highly skilled, motivated and committed in delivering all aspects of specialist palliative and end of life care to people whose preferred place of care is their home. In addition, the team is well supported by the medical staff based within the hospice. It is a seven day a week service currently operating between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm.

How are patients referred?

Any healthcare professional from all areas of Bolton can refer to Hospice at Home or you may wish to ask a professional to refer yourself or family member. On receipt of any referral, a discussion with the patient's District Nursing team takes place before any action is taken.

Eligibility Criteria

The service is offered to any patient with advancing disease or life-limiting illness who:

  • May have complex palliative care needs
  • May be in the final weeks of life and prefer to remain at home
  • May need help over a crisis period to prevent admission to hospital
  • May require support with the management of their symptoms

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