Margaret's Story​

Margaret Howard will be leaving a gift to Bolton Hospice in her will. She explains why leaving a gift to the hospice is so important to her…

“I believe that hospices deliver a very necessary service but, unfortunately, they do not receive much funding from the government, so it’s very important to me to help where I can.

I’ve been involved with the hospice for 20 years, I am a volunteer receptionist and I also get involved in some of the fundraising events.

During my time as a volunteer, I have seen the loving care that Bolton Hospice has delivered to so many patients, such as those who have been able to benefit from pain management in the hospice enabling them to return to their families, or to others who are reaching the end of their lives & who have been able to die with dignity and free of pain.

The nurses in the hospice are special and treat their patients with compassion. The hospice also care for the relatives of the patients and will listen to concerns and give help and advice at a time when your feelings are very raw.

The day unit also offers a much needed service to those who come to the outpatient clinics, or who attend day therapy, receiving help and support in a friendly atmosphere as their illness progresses.

My husband, who had also been a volunteer, became a patient at the hospice initially receiving care at the day unit. Eventually he was admitted to the inpatient unit and I was so grateful for the all-embracing care of the hospice staff which met all his needs; medical, emotion and spiritual. In addition there was a great deal of care and support for me. Hence why I have had no hesitation in leaving a legacy to the hospice in my will.”

Please consider leaving a gift to Bolton Hospice in your will, and be part of a future where everyone in Bolton who needs our help, gets it.