Enter our Virtual Open Gardens competition!

Enter our Virtual Open Gardens competition!

  Published to Event News on Jun 26, 2020

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, our gardens have provided a welcome distraction and have been an enormous source of comfort and escapism from the challenging situation we have all found ourselves in.  Never before have our gardens looked so good and here at the hospice we want to celebrate the hard work and love that people have put into their gardens, by holding our very own Bolton Hospice Virtual Open Gardens competition!

The Bolton Hospice Virtual Open Gardens competition will commence on Monday 13th July 2020 and all supporter entries will be displayed each day on our Facebook page - Bolton Hospice

Introducing our Categories

We will have a guest judge a day choosing a winner from the following categories:

  • MONDAY 13TH JULY – Best hanging basket, window box, pot or container.
  • TUESDAY 14TH JULY – Best Vegetable garden
  • WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY – Best Community garden (allotments, schools, conservation projects)
  • THURSDAY 16TH JULY – Best Front garden
  • FRIDAY 17TH JULY – Best Back Garden
  • SATURDAY 18TH JULY – Public vote for overall winner, which will take place on our Facebook page

It's time to meet the fantastic guest judges for our very first Virtual Open Gardens!

Our guest judges are not only all keen gardeners but also a part of our wonderful Bolton Hospice family, and here they have shared their top gardening tips to keep your gardens looking great.

Bill Dixon & Phil Jennison

Bill Dixon is a Bolton Hospice Volunteer Florist.

Top Tip: "Our gardens are all incredibly important havens for our dwindling wildlife.  Try to plan your garden, no matter how big or small, to offer something extra for wildlife, remembering particularly the insects and bees:  bee friendly flowers, ponds (even small container ponds), insect hotels, piles of old logs and not being fastidiously 'tidy' will all increase the diversity of insect life you support remarkably quickly."

Sheila Tonge

Sheila Tonge is Vice President at Bolton Hospice.

Top Tip: "Water early in the morning to give best chance of absorption."

Ellie McCann

Ellie McCann is the Medical Director at Bolton Hospice.

Top Tip: "Plant your borders densely if you don’t have time to weed and use a thick layer of mulch in early spring to suppress annual weeds. Cover gaps with tender annuals that you can grow from seed or buy cheap as plug plants from local garden centres in May."

Julia Burrows

Julia Burrows is a Bolton Hospice 'Garden of Tranquility' Volunteer

Top Tip: "If you want to grow a vegetable but are short of space, climbing French or runner beans are a great choice - they don't take up much room, have lots of colourful decorative flowers and give a plentiful crop!"

Denise Gleaves

Denise Gleaves is a Bolton Hospice 'Garden of Tranquility' Volunteer

Top Tip: "Avoid a disaster by researching into a flower or plant before you buy it.  Find out what conditions they like and how big they are likely to grow so you can be confident that it's right for your garden and the right place to plant it."

We are so excited to host our latest virtual event and to see all of your beautiful gardens, baskets, boxes and more!

To find out how you can enter and show your support for the Bolton Hospice Virtual Open Gardens here

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