Can you help us through the Cost of Living Crisis?

The current cost of living crisis, high fuel and energy costs, and high inflation rates, combined with over 15 years of below inflation increases to our government NHS funding have placed a worrying, substantial financial burden on us.

These external factors beyond our control mean we expect our costs this year to be £1.2 million more than our income.

Despite incredible support from our local community, year after year, our fundraising efforts simply cannot keep up with our ever-increasing costs. 

Our food costs alone have risen by £1600 a month – that’s £19,200 a year - and that’s forecast to rise even more throughout the year. We cannot keep pace with these increases without your help.

Nurse caring for patient Whilst we have some money in the bank to see us through short-term financial difficulty, clearly it wouldn’t be wise to spend it without addressing the underlying issue, as it will simply run out. 

We are working hard to get a fairer financial contribution from the government, and as always, we are being careful about how we spend every penny.

However, if no further government or NHS funding is forthcoming, and we can’t generate additional money from our own fundraising activity, we will have no option other than to consider cutting some of our services. 

Closing or reducing our services would not only deny patients and families access to our specialist care and support when they need it most, it would also inevitably increase demand on an already overstretched NHS.

That is a last resort for us, so we are asking for your help now.

We understand finances are stretched for many of us, so a one-off donation may not be possible right now. With that in mind, we are asking supporters to contribute a small monthly donation over the next 12 months to help us through a difficult year.

  • £7 a month could help the hospice continue to provide fresh home-cooked meals for our patients
  • £11 a month could help pay for a Hospice at Home nurse to help support a dying patient at home with their family
  • £27 a month could pay for vital oxygen for all of our patients for 7 days

If you are able to, please support our urgent appeal. Your monthly donation will provide a steady income that will help us keep our vital services running. 

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Your monthly donation will help families like Eileen's & Natalie's...

My daughter spent her last few months at Bolton Hospice and without their care for not just her but the rest of our family, I don't know how we would have coped. We owe the staff such a debt for ensuring her care was exceptional. 

Family Member