Traditional Day Therapy

We offer traditional day hospice sessions for patients who may need additional support. This is referral-only and is a 12 week programme of support and education. On your initial visit the Wellbeing Hub team will discuss whether this is appropriate for your needs.

Day therapy offers a range of benefits to patients:

  • A period of assessment and therapy provided by the hospice team, which includes giving carers at home some time to themselves.
  • The opportunity to meet other people, get to know the hospice team and ask advice.
  • Fresh approaches to care and support, for example through complementary therapies.
  • An opportunity for patients to talk about their illness and how it is affecting them and their families.
  • Weekly nursing review and monitoring of ongoing symptoms
  • We undertake a full medical and nursing assessment and patients are encouraged to participate in planning their care with the nurses.

If you would like more information please call us on 01204 663 066.

patients at wellbeing hub