Supporting Bolton Hospice with a donation

Your donation will mean so much to our patients and their families.

Donating to Bolton Hospice means we can continue to provide free expert care and support to local people facing a terminal or life-limiting illness and their families. 

It’s about giving you enjoyment and life again, living well with your diagnosis and feeling supported every step of the way.

A day therapy patient

Two simple ways you can support us today

Why every donation makes a difference

We rely on your donations because government funding only covers a fraction of our costs. Without your generosity we could not continue to provide our care.

And every donation, of any size will have a real impact on the care we offer and the difference we make in people's lives.

Use our impact calculator to see how your donation will help Bolton Hospice. 

A donation of £10 could pay for...

grief relief kit to help a family member through bereavement

A donation of £40 could pay for...

2 hours of compassionate nursing care

A regular donation of £8 a month could pay for...

vital oxygen for all our patients for 2 days

A regular donation of £11 a month could pay for...

a visit by our specialist Hospice at Home nurses

Seeing the difference every donation makes

The difference our care and support makes to our patients and their families is only possible thanks to the donations we receive. The services that we are able to offer, each and every day, are thanks to the hundreds of people from across Bolton and beyond who are passionate supporters of Bolton Hospice and donate generously every year.

Over a 7 month period Bolton Hospice became ‘home’ for Dad and his children. Dad was astounded that the hospice was reliant on donations and by how much was required on a yearly basis to run and continue caring for the people of Bolton. He insisted we ask for donations for the hospice instead of flowers at his funeral and as a family we have continued to raise money for the hospice in Dad’s name.

A family member