After the hype of the London Marathon...

After the hype of the London Marathon...

  Published to Other News on Apr 29, 2019

Congratulations on completing the iconic London marathon!  How was it?  Tell us all about it!

The marathon was all everyone says it is. Relentless support all along the course gives a massive adrenaline rush from the start. Setting off you need to find a rhythm quickly and stick to it. The crowds aren’t as bad as expected but it’s easier running near to the side of the road. Going over tower bridge is amazing. The support and noise is incredible. At halfway I felt good, I was 2 minutes ahead of my target time and feeling comfortable. The twists and turns around Canary Wharf take it out of you and by mile 21 my quads were in serious pain.  Thinking back to all those hours training forced me to keep running, not to stop and make it to the end. On reaching the final mile from Big Ben to the finish line I got another massive rush of adrenaline which sped me up a little to come in at 3hrs 35 mins 40 seconds.  Running down the Mall is incredible and you can’t help but hug anyone in the finish area.

How are you feeling this morning?

My quads have been battered and walking downstairs hurts but it’s worth it. I slept like a baby.

We are so grateful that you chose Bolton Hospice as your charity to support.  Please can you tell us why Bolton Hospice means so much to you.

Having worked in Bolton I’ve previously cycled the Leeds Liverpool canal for the Hospice. Last year my step mother Jackie Bisnauthsing was admitted just before Easter. She had been suffering with a grade 4 brain tumour and was nearing the end of her life. From coming in to leaving 6 weeks later she was given brilliant care. She came home and died on 19th May 2018, the day of the Royal Wedding. She had already been using the outpatient services and my dad was been given support too. He still attends the group sessions put on for family.

It’s clear that any money that I could raise would help. I won my place in the ballot and when I heard that there were no charity places for the Hospice I was in no doubt that I should run in the Hospice vest.

Tell us about your training regime.  Do you have any top tips?

Train, train, train. I followed a 16 week plan. I have already done 10k and half marathons but never anything further.  So many turn up having never trained and do not enjoy it.  Take it seriously. I was a member of a local informal group and ran with others doing London and Manchester marathons. The only way to get through the long training runs is with others. They push you on and prevent you from quitting early when it’s hard or the weather is rubbish. Running in snow and rain isn’t fun but it’s what will get you over that line when it gets tough on the day.

I remembered my one of my tough 20 mile training runs in those last tough 5 miles to get to the end.

Would you do it again?  What would you say to anyone that is thinking about taking on their first marathon?

I’ve already put my name down for the ballot again!  I loved it!  If you’re thinking about doing a marathon sign up, put the hard miles of training in and take it seriously and you’ll enjoy the day.

Thank you to all my family and friends who’ve supported me especially my daughter, Mia and my wife Amy who’ve had to put up with my absence at events and special days over the last 16 weeks. The sacrifice that loved ones make also is often forgotten about.

Thank you so much to Sanjay for his amazing work on this challenge, for his fundraising efforts and to everyone who supported him and donated! If you are interested in taking on a challenge to support the work we do, please get in touch with us and we can find the perfect challenge and guide you through your fundraising journey! Call Kathryn Willett on 01204 663065.

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