The North West Hospice Caterers Group - How Collaboration Works For Us!

The North West Hospice Caterers Group - How Collaboration Works For Us!

  Published to Other News on Jul 03, 2017

The North West Hospice Caterers Group was started four years ago by Sue Gooden from Bolton Hospice and Mark Scott from Pendleside Hospice after they identified a need to share best practices and procedures, and work together for the greater good of hospice catering across the UK.

The North West Hospice Caterers Group mission statement is:

‘The Hospice Caterers group can by collaboration provide leadership, strategy and procurement to reach the desired goals of excellence within palliative nutritional care.

Our aim is to exceed regulation and to pioneer new standards of nutritional support to our patients and their families. ‘

By picking up the phone Sue and Mark started something – reaching out in that first instance opened a whole new world of opportunities to work together and little by little, the group brought hospices in the North West together, sharing ideas and new initiatives; how they worked for each hospice and how to comply with the ever-growing list of guidelines and regulations.

The group gained recognition across the region quickly and they soon found that suppliers were keen to come and meet with them, which in turn gave members greater buying power. Through collaborative working, the caterers group started to build great new working relationships with suppliers from across the UK.

Sue Gooden, Catering and Housekeeping Manager at Bolton Hospice, says, “It’s fantastic to work collaboratively across our region and I’m thrilled we’ve worked together to achieve best practices across hospices that we can be proud of. Everything the group does is for the hospices we all work for, our passion as caterers’ remains at the heart of everything we do and the service to our patients is paramount.”

The group also sought support and sponsorship from suppliers to fund ideas they had all longed to pursue. Birchall’s Food Service kindly sponsored an information leaflet informing others of our collaboration and shared our view on new legislation and guidelines; this was distributed to hospices across the UK to help with the upcoming changes.

Members of the Caterers Group can also access the nutritional value site K2N for free which hosts a large amount of nutritional and allergen data. Sponsorship funds from suppliers are also being used to develop and deliver catering training courses for hospice staff.

The Caterers Group aims to:

  • Own our own nutritional software
  • Create a nutrition website for professionals, patients and their families that includes shared menus and recipes, specialised dietary information relevant to palliative nutrition and nutritional advice for professionals
  • Offer training cooking courses on nutrition, food safety and palliative care cookery courses for local care home staff
  • Continue to source the best prices whilst maintain excellent service and quality of product
  • Continue to buy good quality fresh ingredients sourced locally.

The group meets quarterly to network and share ideas, communicate regularly and arrange visits to each other hospices to showcase their practices and procedures in action!

For more information please get in touch:

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