Braving the shave!

Braving the shave!

  Published to Your Stories on Jan 11, 2019

Maria Banham went ultra-brave with a head shave on Christmas Eve raising over £1,000 for Bolton Hospice and here is why...

"Imagine what it’s like being told it’s your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Child, or someone else’s you can’t imagine life without, last Christmas, being told ‘I won’t be here next Christmas, but everything will be ok’. Watching someone you adore having their world crushed by being told they won’t have a dad around next year. I can’t tell you the date, all time stood still as I watched my husband being told his dad’s cancer was terminal, I just remember his face, which breaks my heart every time I go back to that day in my mind. Little did I know it would me my dads last Christmas as well, he was poorly and didn’t know until the end, something that gives me little comfort. 

Imagine how many people are told daily that this will be the last Christmas they will spend with someone they love, and how many spend their last Christmas poorly in a hospice.

What Bolton Hospice did for my Father in Law, couldn’t have been better, they made his last few weeks comfortable and treated him with dignity and never once made us feel the ‘doom and gloom’ that comes with death,
something they deal with every day. They’re amazing to have the strength and courage, to deal with people who are at their most vulnerable and literally at rock bottom, and offer them some comfort when all seems lost. 

My hair is a massive part of my identity, I enjoy changing its colour, playing with styles, in truth it’s the only thing on my body I truly love so as a thank you to Bolton Hospice I shaved my hair off on Christmas Eve!"

Maria not only shaved off all her hair for Christmas, but she also managed to rasie over £1,000 for Bolton Hospice from the support of her friends and family! 

To read Maria's full story and to donate please visit her Just Giving Page at

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