Meet our 2024 Strictly Learn to Dance dancers

Alison & Gary

 "Gary's sister took part in last years event and won the Rock and Roll section. She then dared us to take part this year to see if I could match her result. Not one to shirk a challenge we applied to take part and so here we are! Added to this was the opportunity to raise funds for such a deserving cause as Bolton Hospice."

- Alison & Gary 


Alison & Mark

"The hospice were a fantastic support and​ lifeline for our family when I lost my dad to cancer. This is a great opportunity for me to raise money for a fantastic charity who were there when needed, and combine with my love for dance." - Alison

"We heard about the Bolton Hospice Strictly Learn to Dance event last year, and thought what a wonderful way to raise money for such an important cause!" - Mark


Ann & David"I am a retired electrician and live in Bolton. Since retiring I've been volunteering at Furniture Plus where I’m known as Mister Fixit. By taking part in Strictly, I hope to help raise even more monies for the hospice." - David

"I love to dance but I have never had lessons so I'm definitely a novis. I thought this would be something I could do, learning to dance and supporting a good cause." - Ann


Anthony & Laura"Working in health care in Bolton I see a lot of the good work Bolton Hospice does and wanted to raise money for this amazing cause while learning something new a long the way!" - Laura

"When Laura first mentioned taking part in Strictly my initial reaction was to say no, but she persisted and here we are. The lessons were hard at first but seeing everyone in the same boat made it easier and with practice we got better. We're nervous about the final performance but it’s just makes us want to practice harder!" - Anthony


Charlotte & Lee

"I've always had a love of dance from being a little girl, but in previous years when I’ve seen Strictly Learn to Dance announced I've always found an excuse not to enter. This year I took the leap and entered Strictly Learn to Dance. Bolton hospice is a cause close to my heart and I’ve fundraised previously completing My Memories Walks. The hospice does so much hard work and touches so many heart, this is the least I can do in aid of the hospice." - Charlotte


Elaine & James

"I'm taking part and raising funds for Bolton Hospice because my late mother spent a long period of time in Bolton Hospice before she died and the staff were absolutely amazing. I'm so grateful for the care my mother received and wish to give something back to the hospice." - Elaine

"A close friend was cared for at the hospice, and sadly passed away at the age of 22 the day that I joined the fire service. Over the years I have been an active fund raiser for Bolton Hospice and The Firefighter’s charities, so when Elaine asked me if I would get involved it was a no brainer." - James


Fiona & Clement


"A loved one was given amazing care at another hospice and so we feel strongly about the work our local hospices do in the community. We're not natural performers so will be very nervous on the night, but we'll keep reminding ourselves how fun training has been and the reason we're doing this."

- Fiona & Clement



Matthew & Katy

"I've previously participated in Strictly Learn to Dance and loved it so much I've decided to take part a second time!" - Matthew

"I was inspired to take part after watching my mum participate last year. Bolton Hospice hold a special place in my heart with all the love and care they provided not only to my stepdad but to our family. I’m loving the process so far however I suspect there will be some butterflies on the night but I’m so excited to take to the floor and make my family proud." - Katy


Melissa & ted

"We're a married couple who both love Strictly Come Dancing and also love to dance on nights out, although neither of us have done anything like this before! We have supported a number of events to raise funds for Bolton Hospice in the past, after seeing first hand just how vital their services are. None have been as tough as this though! We hope to raise lots of money and make our daughters proud!"

- Melissa & Ted


Michael & Erica

"My wife spent her last weeks in Bolton Hospice where they took excellent care of her, but also our family. I couldn’t sing their praises highly enough and am happy to help out any way I can to raise funds." - Michael

"I'd wanted to do Strictly Learn to Dance for some time, but couldn’t find anyone to give in to me until Mike! The decision to support Bolton Hospice was due to the fact that several family members have passed away through cancer," - Erica


Mick & Hayley

"I attended last year's Strictly competition but only as a spectator. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to take part myself and help raise money for such a worthwhile course." - Mick

"My aunty took part last year so inspired me to do the same for such a worthy cause. I have always loved ballroom and Latin dancing since a young age so this has been great to get the dancing shoes back on after 14 years!" - Hayley


Rebecca & John

"I’ve never danced before other than dad dancing or boogying to Northern Soul back in the 70’s, shame it wasn’t a dance choice! I’ve always wanted to learn to dance “proper”. What better way to do it than supporting a great local cause and raising some much needed funds to keep an important community service alive. I'm very happy to be doing this with my wife, Bec." - John



Rod & Claire"My greatest fan for my taking part would have been my mother who absolutely loved Strictly and passed with cancer a few years ago, so this is for you, mum." - Rod

"I love Strictly which motivated me to explore dance classes. While searching for local options, I stumbled upon this. Learning to dance in this context provided a perfect chance to commit to something enjoyable while also contributing to a deserving cause." - Claire


Ruqy & Rose"I'm taking part to raise money for a good cause. I also wanted something positive to focus on as I have struggled with health issues." - Ruqy

"I am a student at Bolton University and an aspiring artist. I wanted to take part to get involved with community and a good cause. I am not a dancer yet, but hopefully by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have learnt a step or two!" - Rose


Steven & Rachel"I love to boogie if the music is right and I enjoy a good festival and dancing in a field in wellies, so this is very much out of my comfort zone. I am dancing with my husband of 27 years and if this doesn't break us, nothing will!" - Rachel

"If there is a level below “2 left feet”, thats where I’m at! I'm sure that on the night of the Final, I will be petrified, but I’m willing to do it for the cause; and, as long as I remember it's for the charity, I should be ok." - Steven


Wendy & Alistair "Last year my mum mentioned that she wanted to do Strictly Learn to Dance and asked if I would do it with her so I said yes without even thinking about it. I want to help raise as much as possible for the hospice to help the people that need it and also doing this helping my mum to get back into what she loves doing from when she was younger ballroom dancing." - Alistair 


Kate & Luke"Being born and raised in Bolton, I wanted to take part in Strictly Learn to Dance to raise some money for a wonderful cause and also challenge myself whilst having fun. I'm having so much fun in the lessons and I am really enjoying it, but on the evening I will most definitely feel sick with nerves!" - Kate

"Husband to Kate, with four amazing children, I also grew up in Bolton. I wanted to take part in Strictly Learn to Dance to get out of my comfort zone and have some fun. The groups are great and the teachers have been incredible." - Luke 


Laura & Michael

"We're Laura & Michael, husband and wife, and wanted to take part in Strictly as we had our wedding only 5 weeks after the birth of our child, so now it’s time to actually try our first dance properly! We have lost close family and friends, so were very close to the hospice, and we’re loving this opportunity to fundraise for such an important cause." 

- Laura & Michael 

Olivia & Olly


"We're colleagues at Knight Knox, a property investment company celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year! Part of the celebrations include raising as much money as we can for charity, so we have decided to come together as dance partners and participate in Strictly Learn to Dance for Bolton Hospice!"

- Olivia & Olly