Meet Robyn

Robyn joined the hospice in 2014 as a Staff Nurse on the inpatient unit, having been a ward volunteer for two years before that. Robyn is now a Senior Staff Nurse. She says:

"Working as a volunteer on the inpatient unit inspired me to become a nurse and I knew I wanted to work for the hospice. The best thing about my job is spending time with patients and families and really getting to know them as people so that I can provide the care and support they need. The thing I find hardest is when a patient goes home or dies, you still think about them and how their relatives are coping - it's impossible not to become emotionally attached when you spend so much time with a family during such a difficult time for them."

Robyn heart

I am and will always be eternally grateful for the care and compassion the hospice gave my dad in the last week of his life. They made him human, I can never repay that.

Family Member