Hospice Care Week

Here at Bolton Hospice we are one of more than 200 hospices across the UK that work with and within local communities to support individuals and families with end of life care.

This week (5th-11th October) is ‘Hospice Care Week’ and now With the world dealing with the effects of COVID-19, expert end of life care is more important than ever, so this Hospice Care week, we’re recognising and celebrating the staff and volunteers that make hospice care possible, that everyone plays such a vital role and to show ‘this is what it takes’ to provide the very best hospice care to local people and their families.

Hospice UK shared that it takes 40,000 dedicated staff125,000 volunteers29,000 facemasks used each day, 1.1 million home visits2,500 shop windows£1.4 billion per year and much more to provide end of life care for all.

As part of our plan to show this year’s theme of ‘this is what it takes’ we have a member of our hospice team taking over twitter to share behind the scenes of their day and to give an insight into their role here at the hospice. From staff on our wards to volunteers in our shops, they’ll be taking over the Bolton Hospice twitter to show what it takes!

We'll also be sharing exciting updates during Hospice Care Week on the Wellbeing Hub so you can see and find out more about the fantastic progress to date on the redevelopment of our day services.

You can follow along this Hospice Care Week, and share your hospice stories with us too on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram