National Grief Awareness Week

Wednesday 2nd marks the beginning of National Grief Awareness week, driven by The Good Grief TrustNational Grief Awareness Week

This National Grief Awareness Week we wanted to share our thoughts and helpful resources here at the hospice, joining The Good Grief Trust in their hope to "normalise grief and get people talking."

The Good Grief Trust, the UK’s leading umbrella charity, brings all UK bereavement services, support organisations and helplines together. This year their National Grief Awareness Week focuses on the belief that distance shouldn't mean we can't share our grief. 

"This year during the Covid19 pandemic, we know that those grieving at home, have endured a myriad of restrictions and limitations that have profoundly affected their grief. The bereaved have not been able to reach out to family and friends for a much-needed hug and human connection has been incredibly difficult. This has caused a great deal of trauma and distress. However, distance should not prevent us from reaching out to others and sharing our grief wherever and whenever we can." 

Here is an update from John Hall, Spiritual Care and Bereavement Support Lead here at Bolton Hospice to share how we are currently supporting those in our community during these especially challenging times, as 2020 has seen us adapting our Bereavement support to ensure we are still here for families when they need us now more than ever.

"Bereavement support has continued right throughout the pandemic as the hospice appreciates the additional challenges of struggling with bereavement during this difficult time.  Daily messages on a bereavement whatsapp group help maintain a sense of belonging and support from a group who have all been touched by bereavement.  Regular phone and video calls have replaced our one to one support sessions and have proved to be much appreciated by those who are involved.  Our remembrance events have been available online and have had large numbers of relatives and friends watch, who have found these events helpful and comforting.  We continue to plan online events and hope to be able to host small groups in the future.  The importance of talking to someone remains so important, so please do get in touch if you feel it will help you too."

You can find out more about our Bereavement services here