Partnership with The Christie to provide lymphoedema clinic at our Wellbeing Hub

Lymphoedema is a long-term condition that can cause swelling of the body’s tissues and is frequently disabling for patients, affecting their quality of life. It is caused by problems with the lymphatic system and can be associated with treatment for cancer. The lymphoedema clinic at Bolton Hospice, provided by the physiotherapy team at The Christie, was established in 2015 when a number of health commissioners in Greater Manchester recognised that the needs of lymphoedema patients in their local areas were not being met. For several years now, Bolton Hospice and The Christie have enjoyed working in a successful partnership, to improve lymphoedema services available to the people of Bolton; and therefore bringing services closer to home at the Bolton Hospice Wellbeing Hub.

Following the redevelopment of its day therapy services, the new Bolton Hospice Wellbeing Hub opened in November 2020 and is a beautiful, relaxed space that offers a flexible, drop-in support service with access to specialist services such as The Christie’s lymphoedema clinic, symptom management, legal advice clinics, outpatient clinics, and wellbeing sessions such as mindfulness and yoga.

Due to local restrictions and lockdown, Wellbeing Hub services adapted to meet the needs of patients and face-to-face appointments including those for lymphoedema patients were temporarily on hold at the Hub. However through the easing of restrictions Bolton Hospice and The Christie’s team are pleased to be hosting their lymphoedema clinics once again on a one day a week basis; utilizing the new facilities of the Wellbeing Hub to provide specialist outpatient care to people in Bolton and beyond.

“I live locally so it’s a lot more convenient for me to come to the Wellbeing Hub and use the expertise of The Christie for the lymphoedema clinic. Lymphoedema causes swelling and the clinic has been a real big help to me because I’m given advice on what to do, how to keep it under control and how to prevent it from getting any worse. I’m hoping to return fully back to normal life within the next 6 months, with the help of the clinic.” - Bolton resident and hospice volunteer Ian Hopps

You can find out more information about the Wellbeing Hub here or call us on 01204 663 066.

Patient and clinician at the lymphoedema clinic
Patient stood at the reception desk of the Wellbeing Hub