Teddies for Loving Care

Bolton Freemasons kindly donated a new supply of teddies to Bolton Hospice through ‘The Teddies for Loving Care’ initiative, which provides unique cuddly bears to Accident & Emergency departments and hospices for medical staff to give to young children.

The bears are used to comfort children, reward them for being brave or to demonstrate procedures and often the bears help to distract children so nurses and doctors can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. Bolton Freemasons shared that the TLC teddy has become “an invaluable tool for medical professionals” and a real comfort for children. TLC is locally managed by Freemasons who also volunteer their time to run the scheme and since its inception in 2001, over 3 million teddies have been distributed throughout England and Wales.


Freemasons teddy donation

Senior Ward Clerk Debbie Brooks, Vincent Dover and Mike Greenhalgh from Bolton District Freemasons and Bolton Hospice Chief Executive Leigh Vallance


Michael Greenhalgh, Bolton Masons Charity Steward said

"The Teddies for Loving Care is one of my favourite masonic initiatives. Being able to provide a little something that gives some comfort to children, going through such a hard time, is very rewarding. These were initially just for accident and emergency departments, but we are humbled to be able to partner with Bolton Hospice and help families going through such difficult situations."


Mary Stubbs Creative TherapistMary Stubbs is a Creative Therapist here at the hospice, and supports patients and their loved ones through her role.

Creative therapy is part of the range of our services that help in the wellbeing of patients and their families. It gives patients the opportunity to use expressive and creative skills in individual or group work.


“I’m so grateful to the Freemasons for these wonderful bears. This is the second time they have made such a generous donation to us and it’s been truly magical to have been able to hand these teddies out when needed and they have been much needed!  Covid has meant that we haven’t had the numbers of children visiting the way we are used to here at the hospice and it’s been marvellous to be able to hand out these teddies for our patients to be able to send home with little messages for the children they have not been able to see.  There are times when patients don’t feel up to seeing young children but they want the children to know they are still thought about and cared for, and patients often want to be able to show their love by sending comforting gifts. It has meant so much to the patients and to see the looks of joy on their faces as we have produced these bears has been such a pleasing part of my job.”