Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy at Bolton Hospice is provided by the Palliative Care Therapy Team. The team sees patients from all areas of the hospice and also sees non-hospice patients at home.

What does the palliative care therapy team do?

We aim to increase our patients’ ability to carry out day to day tasks, to keep their independence and help them to cope with their condition.

The views and wishes of our patients and their families are important during assessment. We work closely with you to consider what is important and agree goals and treatment plans together.

What can the palliative care therapy team help with?

  • Day to day tasks and mobility and transfers.
  • Self management strategies for anxiety or fatigue.
  • Equipment assessment.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Relaxation.
  • Specialist seating and wheelchair assessment.
  • Rehabilitation including exercise programmes.
  • Assessment for and provision of splints and collars.
  • Moving and handling advice.
  • Home environment assessments.

Where does the palliative care therapy team accept referrals from?

  • Hospice doctors and nursing staff.
  • District nurse teams.
  • Macmillan nurses.
  • Social workers.
  • Other Allied Health Professionals.
  • Other trusts or hospitals e.g. The Christie Hospital, Royal Bolton Hospital, Salford Royal Hospital.

How to access the palliative care therapy team services:

If you think you need an assessment please speak to one of the professionals involved in your care, who can refer to us, if appropriate. Once referred we will carry out a full assessment with you either at home or in the hospice, depending on your care needs. We will establish your problems, set out a treatment plan with you and arrange regular appointments to work on your goals. Once your treatment programme is complete you will be discharged from our service, but you can then contact us directly if you need us again in the future. You can download a copy of our referral form by clicking here.