Your Workplace & Us

We want to make it as easy as possible to make a difference and support local people with terminal and life limiting illnesses. Because of this we’ve created a new ways your workplace can help.

Lottery @ Lunch

Give your staff the opportunity to find out more about supporting Bolton Hospice during their working day. 

We can visit at a time to suit you so that staff can drop in to see us during their break time. They can pick up information on our lottery or fundraising ideas, make a donation or even sign up to something of interest - all within a few minutes. 

Employees walk away with a Bolton Hospice Newsletter and a feel good factor knowing they have done something to be proud of!

Call our Lottery team on 01204 663077 or contact us by email to set up your very own Lottery @ Lunch!

Sell our draw tickets at your workplace! 

Our Summer Draw is a fun way to support Bolton Hospice and give your staff and customers the chance to win lots of cash prizes!

If you would like to stock our £1 Summer Draw tickets in your workplace, shop or outlet then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We make it as simple as possible for you to make a difference – we provide everything you need to get started through each campaign, keep in touch along the way and of course top up your raffle tickets as and when you need them replenishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to pay anything upfront?

No, the draw tickets are given to you and we will just need the ticket stubs and monies back from you.

Do we need to commit to selling a certain amount?

No! Every £1 raised through the Bolton Hospice Summer Draw makes a difference. We will speak to you before the campaign starts and provide you with enough to keep you going in your workplace.

When is the next raffle taking place?

We are launching our Summer Draw in March! Now is a really good time to get in touch and add your organization to our list so that we can get you started in time for the launch.

How long does a raffle campaign usually last for?

We will always keep you in the loop and make sure we get the ticket stubs and monies back, but each draw campaign usually lasts for about ten weeks.

We are really excited about this; how do we get started?

Just call us at the lottery office on 01204 663077 or email us!